5330 Camden Ave.
San Jose CA, 95124

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Nate Ramezane


I am a man of many passions; education, family and community work, health, sports, and fitness, etc. but these pale in comparison to my fascination and knowledge of Bay Area real estate. Having earned a great amount of success in my own real estate portfolio I am now in a position to help others achieve their goals and make their dreams become reality.

I believe in a strong educational background and doing your homework to make informed decisions. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Communications from UC Davis and a Masters Degree in Education Administration. I have worked in the local public education system for over a decade and I have unique insight in the neighboring School Districts and where they are headed.

I was born and raised locally and love the Bay Area for its unparalleled diversity, beautiful weather, and the fantastic resources that create a quality of life unlike anywhere else in the country. I am driven to help educate my clients improve their lives with real estate ownership. The market can be overwhelming to some, but with honesty and transparency, an obsession to help my clients win, and my fearlessness and confidence a successful conclusion to each transaction is just a byproduct of my work.