Silicon Valley’s Super Commute

Is Traffic Becoming Unbearable in California? – Yes. 

You may have noticed traffic in California progressively getting worse and worse. Our freeways just can’t keep up with the increasing number of people moving to the Golden State. Here, in the infamous Silicon Valley, people from all over the world are flooding the area for coveted jobs in the tech and developer field. Not only is this impacting traffic, but the real estate market as well. Luckily, the state of California is working on a major project that will reinvent the way we drive and commute throughout California.

California’s new $64 billion high-speed rail could be the answer to our problems. With funds continuing to come in and construction playing out as planned, 800 miles of track will be installed up and down the densely-populated state. Passenger service between San Jose to Bakersfield is expected to be available as soon as the year 2025. This innovative mode of transportation will help those super commute in an ever-populating area.

The train has an anticipated speed of 220 mph, along with 24 available stations throughout California. This innovative mode of transportation will be more affordable and convenient than flying, while also eliminating the long hours it takes to drive from one end of the state to the other.

The project will be introduced in different sections, the first connection will take place in San Jose to the Central Valley in 2025. The second is expected to open in 2029 and will have tracks from San Jose down to Los Angeles. The end goal of this multi-million dollar project is to have tracks that run down as far as San Diego.

The new high-speed rail will not only make travelling much easier, but will also alleviate some of the heavy traffic that is infringing on Californians’ everyday lives. The biggest obstacle the new train faces is running out of funds to complete the project. However, with the necessary funds, the future of commuting in the state could be changed forever. Just imagine living somewhere less-congested, in a quiet neighborhood and pioneering the super commute to Silicon Valley each day. The high-speed rail could be the solution to negating the overwhelming amount of traffic in California while also making the state feel a little less crowded; something desired by every driver here.

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