5330 Camden Ave.
San Jose CA, 95124

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Alan Worley

DRE: 02036058

I am a family man who loves spending time with his little ones whether its gaming with my son or arts and crafts with my daughters or dating my beautiful wife. The family loves to swim, hike and go camping. I am an Army Combat Veteran. I’ve enjoyed training with the Jordanian military where I learned a lot about crossing cultural boundaries and arriving as friends on the other side. It prepared me for a successful tour in Afghanistan which saw me through some hard times and brought me back safely home to my family. My priority in life has been to provide a stable home for my children and wife.  Together, we have claimed a piece of this country where we now reside. I hope that I can bring this joy to others as well. I look forward to helping others buy and list their homes as they search for their own American Dream.