5330 Camden Ave.
San Jose CA, 95124

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Meet Anjani Nandan

DRE# 0976917

I have been a Silicon Valley resident since 1999. I’ve spent 20+ years in Information Technology, having held Senior Management positions at technology companies in the valley, and having run a boutique IT Consulting company working with few key direct clients in bay area.

Right from my first real estate transaction, I personally experienced gains ranging from 25% to 75% on properties held for only 2-5 years, and have also experienced losses in similar ranges on properties held for the similar time frame. Such personal experiences; both prosperous and painful, uniquely qualifies me to understand the costs and benefits associated with the purchase and sale of real property for his clientele.

I believe in providing top notch service to my buyers and sellers, and always thinks by getting into their shoes in all situations. I work from a position of integrity, delivering the ordinary real estate activities in an exceptional way, becoming a part of clients’ life before and after the transactions; being very transparent, and giving back to the communities I serves. I am very passionate about helping my clients navigate through the complexities of a real estate transaction, making sure that I provide value, service, follow through, communication, and exceptional negotiating skills; with a friendly “no stress” style. I am also motivated to provide an excellent service due to some of his personal “not-so-good” experience with my personal real estate transactions, hence why I always keep raising my own bar on providing real estate service to provide the best customer experience, exceptional customer service and mind-blowing post sales services.

I believe that if his clients are not left with an amazing experience, I have not done my job; and this is the foundation of my core philosophy of building a relational business. This has paid off immensely as the vast majority of my sales are exclusively by referrals from clients, who have become my advocate and respect my work ethic, integrity and transparency.

I am thankful for a beautiful life, grateful to live in the best part, of the the best country of the world. I live in San Jose with my beautiful wife and two exceptionally gifted and awesome kids.